After School Enrichment

Our after school program is driven by the guiding vision of building intellect.

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Math Excellence

Math is the foundation for all other sciences. Early strengthening of math skills can pave way to future successes. Pinnacle Intellect is proud to identify itself as a center for math excellence.

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Pinnacle organizes full day camp during school breaks. Camps are designed to encourage learning the fun way.


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Since 1993

Pinnacle Intellect is a learning center where we focus on a holistic approach to learning. We engage students in activities that guide them in building intellect by applying knowledge, skills, interests, and values.  This in turn help them succeed in their academics and prepares them to face any challenge with an open and positive mindset.

We specialize in academics based on the common core curriculum, and global competence. We work with hands on learning, math, reading, writing, critical thinking, and social/life skills. We also focus on behavioral skills, good manners, conflict resolution and character building.

At Pinnacle, our curriculum is integrated. When a topic is taught, the content is drawn from a variety of relevant themes.  This strengthens the student's knowledge and skills in different disciplines, thereby making their learning whole.  At Pinnacle, the foundation is set for the child to embark on a lifelong journey of learning and growth.


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