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Vision:     Building Intellect.

Mission:  Intellect is the ability to reason, question and rationalize things. Without developing intellect, intelligence is of little use. Intelligence is in balance when intellect and reasoning are both present equally, intensely and harmoniously.

While emotional reasoning is learned from social influences, and academic inputs can build logical reasoning, intellect can only be  trained by applying knowledge creatively. At Pinnacle, we pursue this goal by training children early on in life in specialized skills like STEM based learning, critical thinking, public speaking, presentation, speech, debate skills to boost confidence and hands on science, math and other academics.

Our Philosophy: There is no one approach towards teaching or learning. Each child has their own way of learning, understanding and processing information. At Pinnacle we guide our students discover their path to gaining knowledge and apply it in a creative, rational and efficient way.

The Difference:  We choose quality over profits. We believe that some specialized skills are best left to vendors who are masters of the skill with years of experience and insight. Our subscription programs Chess, RISU, STEM etc. are conducted by the vendors, thereby guaranteeing the best for our students.