After School Learning On-Site / Online : 2021-22




After School Learning – Grades K To 8

Our after school program is driven by the guiding vision of building intellect. We take academics, add to it and teach ways to apply the knowledge. Hands on experience has a crucial role in the development of intellect. Experience provides a child with undistorted understanding of reality, enabling to discover better solutions to a problem by improving on success or learning from failures, contributing in intellectual development. We continuously review our programs and are open to embrace new ideas if it adds value to our students.

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Our after school curriculum includes in-house programs and vendor based subscription programs.

In-House Programs


Core programs every day focuses on academics. This includes

Homework Help, Readers Workshop,  Writers Workshop and  Math Excellence

2. Rotational 

Enrichment, Extra Curricular and Social programs are conducted on a rotational basis. This keeps the child motivated with changing topics and goes beyond academics.

  • Enrichments

Competitive Math, Project Based Learning, Hands On Science, Social Studies, Environmental Studies  and  Technology

  • Extra Curricular

Arts & Crafts, Public Speaking, Theater  and  Performing Arts

  • Social

Heritage, Junior Achievement (Money, Personal Finance, Economics, Common Core and more)  and  Service Learning Programs

Subscription Programs

In addition to in-house programs, we have many subscription programs. These are managed by vendors with years of experience in the field. Subscription programs are open to walk-in students.

1. RISU 

RISU – Registration Form

RISU Critical Thinking

(Class Size – Min 5 Max 15, Grade K-6)

Critical Thinking Session

Get ahead with RISU!  Mastering math is crucial but not enough for the success. Critical Thinking is the key for success in real life. RISU class trains your child’s thinking ability based on wide variety of critical thinking cues: non-verbal, verbal, spatial, numerical and logical reasoning while developing self-confidence and nurturing curiosity. Also, talented students will learn 56 categories of advanced math questions that have commonly tested in the CCSS test and SAT, but schools do not teach how to solve them.  RISU utilizes its designated tablet for the highly efficient and effective learning. Immediate scoring and positive feedback crate a learning rhythm and motivate your child. Each student learns at his/her own pace with RISU

RISU Math   (Class Size – Min 5 Max 15, Grade K-6)

Get ahead with RISU! Mastering math is essential for all STEM subjects. Your child can master math at his/her own pace with RISU. With its proven, effective and efficient method, the average subscriber learns math 1.7 times faster than the school curriculum. RISU is designed to promote self-confidence, self-efficacy, independence and curiosity. RISU also greatly enhances your child’s math skills including arithmetic, geometry and word problems. It is a great course for current and former Kumon students who have limited exposure to geometry and word problems.

2. After School Robotics Labs (Class Size – Min 6 Max 12, Grade 2-6)

Our after school robotics labs is conducted by Wizbots ( Wizbots After School Robotics Labs are a great way to dabble in robotics programming and design for the first time or build on existing skills.

Using LEGO® robotics and Java coding, our unique, project-based curriculum exercises both creativity and problem-solving to teach engineering, programming, math and physics in a hands-on, collaborative way. Parents can experience all the fun too with student project videos posted online to see and share!

3. Technology (Class Size – Min 5 Max 15, Grade 3-8)

3D Printing, Artificial Intelligence, Web Site Design and  Development,  App Design, Coding, Computer Skills etc.…

4. Chess  (Class Size – Min 8 Max 12, All Ages)

Pinnacle Chess Club – Registration Form

Chess Class

Our Chess program is conducted by Bay Area Chess. Bay Area Chess provides professional chess instruction tailored to each student’s skill level. Students will learn the rules of the game, basic strategy, tactics, endgames and advanced strategy. Bay Area Chess also provides a pathway for tournament play, and are the largest organizer of USCF scholastic tournaments on the west coast.