Center For Math Excellence


Pinnacle Intellect is proud to introduce its goal to achieve excellence in Math.

Unlike any other discipline, learning math involves understanding the concept, logic, and reasoning.  That is why math goes hand in hand with critical thinking and problem-solving techniques. To become good or exceptional in math, one needs to invest time which requires consistent practice. At Pinnacle the focus is on building excellence in Math with daily practice and is based on RISU infrastructure at the core.

  • Personal and Interactive Math Program which is custom built to meet the individual student’s learning.
  • Program supported by RISU USA.
  • Real time big data provide instant feedback to teachers and parents.
  • Build a strong foundation in Math, Critical Thinking and enhance the art of Problem Solving.
  • Small Teacher Student Ratio.
  • Prepare for Competitive Math like Math Kangaroo, Math Olympiad, American Mathematics Competition.
  • Meets the Common Core Curriculum.
  • Small Teacher Student Ratio.
  • Students make progress at their own speed and reach their full potential.
  • Help Build confidence, autonomy, curiosity and thereby build their intellect and achieve all round development.